JSP MK7® High Temperature Safety Helmet

Head protection is required in almost every industry where there is a risk of being injured by falling objects or when working in areas of restricted head space. These safety helmets are available in a range of colours which includes red, white, blue and green.

The JSP MK7® safety helmet is the ultimate in EN 397 head protection. Years of research and development went into creating the most comfortable, safest helmet available, packed with features to maximise comfort and safety. All round head protection, protects the head from every angle not just the magic circle on the crown required for EN 397.
The iconic design of the MK7® hard hat has become the solid foundation for the new Evolution range. Its no-nonsense appearance and strength have made MK7® one of the most recognisable modern safety helmets available today. With a much copied style that has become a true classic, a design that still performs far higher than the EN397 standard requires, coupled with its tried and tested flexibility, make the MK7® a true asset for any workforce.

Mk7 Hi-Temp 150™ has been designed by JSP to combine the exceptional safety and comfort of the MK7® safety helmet with the ability to still be effective at temperatures of up to 150°C. High performance polymers are used to give a heat resistant shell for applications such as foundries and metal smelting to protect against radiant heat.

Hi-Temp 150™
Offers EN 397 standard head protection with extra high temperature resistance of +150°C.

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